Homemade Pasture Raised Chicken Stock 

Once you try homemade chicken stock from chickens that are pasture raised on a small farm  - you'll never go back. The deep yellow color paired with the rich flavor of this pasture raised chicken stock recipe will make you never go back to the carton! Key ingredient: a truly farm/pasture raised chicken stock bones 

1 whole pack of 1915 pasture raised chicken stock bones
1 stock of celery
1 onion
1 bag of baby carrots
1 whole bulb of garlic
3-4 bay leafs
12 cups of water - give or take 

Homemade chicken stock is easy and the flavor is out of this world. Just throw all your ingredients into a crockpot and let cook on high for 14-16 hours.

See below to try our 1915 pasture raised chicken! Raised on pasture - moved daily to fresh grass and bugs. Our supplemental feed blend is NON GMO (corn free and soy free) making for extra delicious and clean chicken! Enjoy! 

Pasture Raised Chicken - Corn & Soy Free