Moving our Pasture Raised Chickens Regeneratively

We can't wait to have our pastures looking like this photo below after we get some rain! One of my favorite pieces of regenerative agriculture is the tangibility of this type of grassfed farming here in Texas. The stark "before and after" that even the most conventional of farmers can't deny. Videoed here on our small farm is us moving our pasture raised chickens forward through our floor-less free range coops and taking the new young chickens out to pasture. They always "freeze up" a little, taking in their surroundings for the first few minutes - then disappear off into the grass looking for bugs and pecking fresh green blades of grass. Most people think pasture raised chickens (broilers especially) aren't very smart, but if you spend a morning moving them to fresh pasture in this type of setting, you'll be amazed at how quickly their instincts take over, how they innately "know" what to do. We don't force anything on our humanely raised chickens - we simply provide shelter and care for the flock, and let the chickens be happy chickens on pasture. They give more than they take, blessing the land and soil with bug control, amazing manure, soil fertility, and lush grasses that become more vigorous and drought tolerant every year.