Our Values

"Our goal at 1915, is to create open line communication and transparency between the consumer and the farmer (Tanner and I), and raise a higher quality meat, that surpasses the USDA organic's standard. If at any point you have any questions about how/why/what we do, please email us at Catherine@1915farm.com or call or text 361.212.3255 - We would be honored to answer any questions you may have and to provide meat for your family." - Catherine & Tanner 

Our Meats 


-100% grassfed & finished on our pastures. Never fed grain, drugs or hormones. Dry-aged for maximum flavor and tenderness.

-Raised outdoors & moved to fresh pasture daily, living life the way chickens should. Supplemented with non-gmo grain. Never given drugs or hormones.
-Always raised outdoors & moved to fresh paddocks weekly. Heritage breed hogs, producing an intensely marbled, red meat. Supplemented with a non-gmo grain and never given drugs or hormones.