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Locally raised & hand packed from our small Texas farm

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"Our goal is to deliver the highest quality grass fed beef & pasture raised chicken and pork directly to your doorstep straight from our local Texas farm, and share with you our story on how we humanely raise your family's meat. Thanks for being here."  - Catherine & Tanner

I originally heard about 1915 Farm from a coworker. I'm a nurse and my speech pathologist told me about the wonderful meat. Tried it and found it outstanding. Haven't bought meat from the grocery store since. My kids as very health conscious, they appreciate the wholesome and nutritious meat. I love the portions perfect for me.

Pam Armentor

Catherine and Tanner produce quality meat the way that has worked for hundreds of years prior to factory farming. And it’s quite affordable and better for you. It doesn’t cost much more to live well. We are very lucky that they choose to operate naturally. We look forward to each shipment and love seeing where our food is coming from. Consuming meat that has had a chance to live normally. Thanks Guys. We think what you are doing is important. And Ernie and Bonnie say thanks for the chicken feet.

Ken Applegate

We are so lucky to have 1915 Farm right here in our area. We have walked around and seen the farm, and let me tell you, the animals are happy and humanely treated. This must be why the meat tastes sooooooo good!! Plus, the meat is always fresh and neatly packaged. We have tried all kinds of home food delivery, this is our absolute favorite. I can hardly wait for the next package to arrive! Keep it up 1915 Farm, we are behind you 100%.

Sherri Strickland


The Bend Magazine

Meyersville, Texas is a beautiful, rural blip on the map. A half hour outside of Victoria, it’s a surprising choice for an outgoing couple in their early thirties to call “home.”

The Austin Chronicle

While Silicon Hills is booming, another career path has gained traction: A number of young professionals in Central Texas have left their corporate careers, seeking work with more integrity and purpose. 

Texas Lifestyle Magazine

The Klemcke’s adventure began five years ago with an intriguing property listing: “Land, Free House.” The couple was instantly sold on the beautiful property just outside of Victoria, Texas, but the abandoned farmhouse was more appropriately fit for demolition than a residence.