When will my order ship?

We ship out every Monday & Tuesday - with an estimated delivery date to your front door from 1-3 days.  Once we create the shipping label, you will receive the tracking number via email and can track it anytime. Your order will leave our farm on a Monday or Tuesday.

When is order cut off for same week delivery? 

Order cut off for Texas orders to be placed is every Tuesday at 11 AM. Outside the state of Texas orders cut off time is Sunday at midnight. Orders placed after these cut off times will ship the following the week. Orders placed before these cut off times will ship the same week. 

Do I need to be home to accept the delivery? 

No! The delivery man will leave the box at your home, no signature required. The meat is packed with dry ice and/or gel packs, and will be at a safe temperature for several hours. Place in the freezer by the end of the day. 

How long will it take to get to me?

We ship every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So if you place your order Monday, we will ship it out the next day. If you place your order on a Wednesday, your shipment will be sent the following week. The expected transit times are 1-3 days. You will receive an email with all tracking information as soon as the order is processed.

How much freezer space do I need?

We let you order as much meat as you would like, so you can pick and amount based on your freezer space. 

What if my meat is thawed upon delivery?

All meat is shipped frozen on dry ice. A little thawing can happen, and if the meat is still cold it’s still good! However If your ordered is completely thawed, we will gladly send you another shipment on us. 

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes, through our "Grassroots Meat Club" - all other orders are not subscription.

 How does the Grassroots Club work?

The Grassroots Club is for those that commit to regular shipments  and want to get the biggest discounts (free or discounted shipping!) in addition to a reduced cost per pound of meat. It's a sampler pack of meat (substitutes are available) that is shipped every 1 - 8 weeks, whatever option you choose. The cuts are changed up every month, think of it like a surprise box! Cancel or postpone free of charge anytime. We would be happy to accommodate any special requests you have as well. 

Can I make substitutions?

Yes! Include in the notes box at check out, or send an email to 1915farm@1915farm.com

Can I pause the subscription?

Yes! Log into your account to pause it. 

Why can’t I log into my account?

If you try to log in and it isn't working, you may not have an account set up yet. When you set up a subscription order it creates a subscription account but not one with our website. This is because they are tracked and managed on two different platforms. Using the same email you used for your subscription, you should be able to create another account. They will merge and communicate, giving you access to everything you need.

Can I cancel the Grass Roots Club at anytime or am I "locked in" upon signing up?

Cancel anytime :) 

Do you do farm tours?

Yes! We have a goal to offer a farm twice a year.  

Can I pick up on farm? 


Monday through Thursday from 8-5, we are closed at lunch. Please do not come between 12-1. 

Click the "local pick up" option on the checkouts page. We ask you place an order online before driving to the farm, that way we can have it packed and ready for you.