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Our Story


Tanner & Catherine (& Brooklyn)

Husband and wife in life (and business). We left our jobs in oil & gas and pharmaceutical sales and started a regenerative farm raising cattle, hogs, and chickens. We live in an old 1915 farmhouse we restored on 57 acres in Meyersville, Texas where our farm is located.


The Team

Starting with packing orders in a shipping container, over the past several years 1915 Farm has grown and now employs an entire team. We have three in shipping and fullfillment. Shawna is our Fullfillment and Customer Service Manager, and Faith is our shipping lead. Pictured in the center is Jaime, our lead farm hand. Not pictured is Austin, who works in both fulfillment and on the farm. 1915 would not be where it is today without this crew!

Our Why

In America, meat is considered a commodity - same as coal, oil, and crops. Our mission is to change that, one living and breathing animal at a time. We do not raise our livestock crammed into feedlots and confinement barns, fed the cheapest feed possible, full of sub therapeutic drugs to compensate for poor living conditions and quicker growth rates. It's not right. As conscious consumers, we believe there needs to be more accountability when it comes to meat consumption in America - for our own health, for animal welfare, and for the environment.

Our How

We raise grassfed beef, pasture raised chicken, and heritage breed pasture raised pork here in Texas. Our animals have room to roam - rooting, grazing, and pecking at the grasses, bugs, and whatever else they find in the sunshine. They are not given hormones or antibiotics. Our feed blend for our chickens and hogs is corn and soy free. We rotate our animals throughout the pastures, allowing ample time between rotations for the soil and grasses to regenerate.

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