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Homemade Pasture Raised Chicken Broth Recipe

Once you try homemade chicken broth from chickens that were pasture raised on a small farm – you'll never go back. The deep golden color plus the rich flavor of this pasture raised chicken broth will make you never go back to the carton! Don't forget the key ingredient: truly farm/pasture raised chicken stock bones. A great practice to reduce waste and ensure you always have ingredients to make broth – keep a freezer bag for scraps! Everytime you enjoy some bone-in chicken, like thighs or wings (so much collagen in wings), or a whole roast chicken – toss the bones into that freezer bag. When you cut the tops off an onion, carrot, or bottoms of celery – into the bag! Reduce waste and turn it into liquid gold!



Combine all ingredients in a crockpot. Cook on low for 14-16 hours.
If you haven't tried our pasture raised chicken, now is the time! Raised on lush pasture and moved daily to nibble on fresh grass and bugs. Our supplemental feed blend is NON GMO (corn free and soy free) making for extra delicious and clean chicken! Enjoy!

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