Grassfed Beef

Raising grassfed beef is no easy task here in Texas! We raise our cattle at various properties and leases with the help from family and friends. Our cattle graze on native grasses, and planted grasses after our hogs have been on the property fertilizing the soil and prepping the ground for new see to sprout like the winter annual ryegrass pictures above and below. We don't use any antibiotics or implanted hormones in our cattle herd. They spend their entire life in open pastures and never confined.

Our cattle's diet consist of grasses and forage most of the year - and during winter or drought we supplement with hay and a little beet pulp and cotton seed to keep a healthy weight when the grasses die off. At around 2 years of age we take our cattle to our USDA inspected butcher chosen for cut consistency, dry aging, and humane handling. We the bring the frozen grassfed beef cuts back to our small farm to store until we ship it directly to you!

We are Tanner and Catherine - the owners of 1915 Farm, a small farm based in Texas. We raise grass-fed beef, pasture raised chicken, and pasture raised pork shipped to your home directly from our farm through online ordering and our home delivery program. Thanks for being here! Browse through our grassfed beef offering below!