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Mamas Know Best

We were worried when Gypsy and Gretta took it upon themselves to bring their piglets together during this winter storm (we had a fence between them), but clearly these mamas know what is best. We made sure each had their own shelter with plenty of hay, concerned that if we combined them one would accidentally lay and squish a piglet to death (it is not uncommon, even when each litter has their own hut). These two said "no thanks" and have been huddled together in this heart shape with nearly 20 piglets piled up and snug between them for the past several days without any squashed piglets in a very small space. I haven't seen a single shiver coming from this hut in 5 days, and I would bet money that they are the warmest inhabitants of this farm right now, including humans. Way to go mamas, we know you know what is best ❤ That goes for all of you out there battling this mess!

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