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Pasture Raised Chicken Practices

Tanner and I knew truly pasture raised chicken was hard to find - the real thing, not the phony imposter "free range organic" stuff. We also knew that most people love pasture raised chicken and felt it was a must have to bring the best experience to our grassfed meat subscription customers in our Grassroots Club. So here is our set up, on a normal Texas late spring day. We have big mobile range coops for our chickens. They get moved just about every day to fresh pasture (unless we need to be on high ground for a storm coming in, or trying to catch a bobcat or predator). The shade cloth over top protects them from the heat in the summer, and the sides roll down if a cold front or storm blows through to keep them protected. We feed them non-gmo/corn-free/soy-free chicken feed and move them this often so that they have fresh pasture, bugs, and spread their manure to fertilize the land. 
Chicken manure is SO GOOD for the soil, I can't wait to show you what these pastures will look like in the spring when we get some rain. We got to experience it all the way through last summer (when everyone else was dry and crispy) thanks to some well timed rains. I had no idea grass could grow so lush and fast, it was magical really. Amazing. Anyway, we drag hoses across the pastures to make sure they have fresh water. They spend 2-3 weeks (depending on the season) in the brooder under heaters until they are big and strong, and the next 6 in these mobile range coops. In the wee hours of the morning, the guys load the finished birds and drive them 2.5 hours to our nearest USDA inspected small chicken processor. Then we bring the meat back to our freezers. We have one other Texas chicken ranching partner, that helps us raise birds as well, identically to the way we do.
We are Tanner and Catherine - the owners of 1915 Farm, a small farm based in Texas. We raise grass-fed beef, pasture raised chicken, and pasture raised pork shipped to your home directly from our farm through online ordering and our home delivery program. Thanks for being here!
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